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Some Goods and Services and their VAT rates
Exempt from VAT
  • Betting and gaming
  • Sports events
  • Cultural events
  • Sponsored charity events
  • Education provided by public insitutions
  • Rent of land & property
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Bank charges
  • Health services provided by registered doctors, opticians, pharmacists & dentists
  • Funeral services
Zero rated
  • Charity fundraising
  • Building work & equipment for disabled people
  • Sewerage services
  • Domestic water
  • Building of new domestic homes
  • Fares for use of public transport
  • Freight transport
  • Aircraft, helicopters & ships
  • Houseboats
  • Caravans
  • Books and newspapers
  • Postage
  • Children's clothes and footwear
  • Protective clothing and equipment for industrial use
  • Prescriptions
  • Most retail food
  • Animal feed (for animals used for human food)
  • Plants and seeds for producing human food
Reduced rate
  • Energy saving materials in domestic or charity premises
  • Energy for domestic or charity premises
  • Environmentally friendly heating systems
  • Installation and repair of heating systems
  • Renovation and alteration of empty domestic premises
  • Conversion of premises into living accommodation
Full rate VAT
  • Water supply to industrial premises
  • Additional buildings (e.g. garages) added to existing domestic premises.
  • Commercial buildings, offices, warehouses and factories sold within three years of construction
  • Commercial provision of car parking
  • Food sold in restaurants or for takeaway
  • Ice cream, confectionery (incl. biscuits covered in chocolate), alcohol and crisps
  • Pet food (exept for animals normally used as human food, incl. rabbits)
  • Plants and seeds for ornamental use
  • Cars and other road vehicles