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Payroll Calculation Tool

Four Elms Bookkeeping's Payroll was written for use with Microsoft Office and HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools 2012 as a quick and easy way of calculating a payroll without recourse to commercial software. It generates an Excel workbook after each payroll run containing payslips, summary information for each employee and also YTD figures for the company as a whole and uses open source database software for storing and retrieving payroll data. The calculated figures from this tool can be input into HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools for online filing.

Although accessed via a Microsoft Excel workbook no numbers are entered by the user into worksheet cells. Instead data is input via a series of input forms and associated software written in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language. This enables numbers input by the user to be checked for common errors before the software processes and produces payroll output. The user has minimal interaction with the Excel worksheets which function only as displays for payroll data. The software incorporates income tax and national insurance calculation methods published by HMRC in its guides for software developers.

Originally intended for payroll runs of small businesses having up to 20 employees, the software is coded to process higher numbers of employees if so instructed.

The payroll tool is used in conjunction with Microsoft Office and one of the following versions of Microsoft Excel: Excel 2007, Excel 2010 or any later version of Excel. The tool also stores payroll data in the open source MySQL database which can be freely downloaded from A user name and password to the MySQL database are input into the payroll tool before you run each payroll.

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The payroll tool includes the following:

If your organisation could benefit from customised Excel workbooks, Visual Basic macros or other coded calculation tools, please contact Four Elms Bookkeeping to discuss your requirements.

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